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Whipped by the Wind

Ahead, the forest of green whipped back and forth, as if the wind was constantly changing directions. They edged forward, unsure of what was to come. Sliding silently through the forest was a dark shape, it’s shadow flitting just in … Continue reading

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City of Sand

The city was crowded. Mothers and children everywhere. It was noisy and dirty. Strangely, there were very few men. The air was hot, inside was even hotter. Most of the families sat outside, in whatever shade they could find, seeking … Continue reading

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Animals for Small Holdings

When buying a small holding or homestead, it is natural, to consider which animals may be suitable to raise.  Some animals are kept as pets, others for milk or eggs, some for wool or hair, finally some are raised to … Continue reading

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Struggle to Freedom

Beside my writing location is a little white gerbil named Olaf On occasion, he is allowed to leave his box and run around on the floor. We have allowed him to do this often enough, that he wants to get … Continue reading

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The importance of survival shelters

Understanding the need to be able to  provide shelter within an emergency situation, is only superseded by the need for air. In a time of survival, the rule of three’s is law. Three minutes without air, Three hours without shelter, … Continue reading

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Preparing for a Safer Future

Beginning the journey towards homesteading, self-sufficiency or being prepared for difficult circumstances, is as much a transformation of mind, as it is actually doing something. Generally, this change of mind, follows a period of interest, research and reflection. Following an … Continue reading

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I enjoyed my bath! Not embarrassing at all!

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