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Get up and Go!

On many disaster-preparedness and prepper websites, there is a lot of information on storing food, water, medicines and consumables. They often give advice on everyday carry bags, bug-out bags and go-bags. Some sites talk about go-vehicles, off-grid survival cabins and … Continue reading

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The Fire

Looking out from a makeshift natural cover lean-to, I made sure I hadn’t been followed. Living in the woods in this post-apocalyptic society, it was better to be safe than sorry. When I was satisfied that I was alone, I started … Continue reading

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The importance of survival shelters

Understanding the need to be able to  provide shelter within an emergency situation, is only superseded by the need for air. In a time of survival, the rule of three’s is law. Three minutes without air, Three hours without shelter, … Continue reading

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Connected via Amateur Radio

In the aftermath of many types of disasters, the social infrastructures that we rely on day by day are unable to function. Although, governments may still exist, it is sometimes difficult, or impossible for  services to reach those in need. … Continue reading

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Storing grain for a disaster

  The storing of grain in the event of a disaster, either natural, financial or of the terrorist variety, is very useful. There are a number of grain varieties which can be stored for extended periods of time, if the … Continue reading

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Where to find water, in a survival situation

As the human body is 70 percent water, we are only ever a few days away from dying of thirst. In a survival situation, whether an urban or wild situation, there is a need to be able to find water. … Continue reading

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Preparing your Home for an Emergency

Many people are looking at extreme weather events, and also at political unrest at home and abroad, and wondering if they should be more prepared.  Would they be able to survive if their electricity supply was disconnected for several days … Continue reading

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