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City of Sand

The city was crowded. Mothers and children everywhere. It was noisy and dirty. Strangely, there were very few men. The air was hot, inside was even hotter. Most of the families sat outside, in whatever shade they could find, seeking … Continue reading

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Bill’s Breakfast -FFftPP

“You never do anything halfway….” Bill said, “why is my bowl only half full?” “I’m sorry!” I exclaimed, “I was distracted by the view.” In the distance, contained within a glass and wooden cage, a family of strange creatures were … Continue reading

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Someone moves over our tiny hedge.   Smooth

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Circus Maximus

Gaius leaned into the corner, his four horse chariot started to slide as it entered the corner. The spectators in the stands gasped. He was leading the race, but this was a race to the death. If he let anyone … Continue reading

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Where to find water, in a survival situation

As the human body is 70 percent water, we are only ever a few days away from dying of thirst. In a survival situation, whether an urban or wild situation, there is a need to be able to find water. … Continue reading

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An Introduction to keeping goats on a small holding.

For those thinking of starting or stocking a small holding, an ideal livestock animal is the goat, although you should always have at least to two, as they are very social creatures. Goats are hardy animals,and only require a large … Continue reading

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Raising chickens in Suburbia

With the development of local food movements throughout the western world, people living in urban localities are starting to keep chickens in their back gardens.  If the local municipal laws allow the keeping of chickens, it is very easy to … Continue reading

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