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City of Sand

The city was crowded. Mothers and children everywhere. It was noisy and dirty. Strangely, there were very few men. The air was hot, inside was even hotter. Most of the families sat outside, in whatever shade they could find, seeking … Continue reading

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The importance of survival shelters

Understanding the need to be able to  provide shelter within an emergency situation, is only superseded by the need for air. In a time of survival, the rule of three’s is law. Three minutes without air, Three hours without shelter, … Continue reading

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Preparing for a Safer Future

Beginning the journey towards homesteading, self-sufficiency or being prepared for difficult circumstances, is as much a transformation of mind, as it is actually doing something. Generally, this change of mind, follows a period of interest, research and reflection. Following an … Continue reading

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I enjoyed my bath! Not embarrassing at all!

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Rolling around in the bath for some may be embarrassing, but for me, I enjoy it. After some time out running, climbing into the bath and having a wash is delightful. Following a good clean, my hair is soft and … Continue reading

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Connected via Amateur Radio

In the aftermath of many types of disasters, the social infrastructures that we rely on day by day are unable to function. Although, governments may still exist, it is sometimes difficult, or impossible for  services to reach those in need. … Continue reading

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The joy and wonder of childhood

Children are innately playful. They have a sense of joy and wonder as they explore the world around them. Whether boys or girls, whether urban or rural, they can usually find something new; a sight, a sound, or an object … Continue reading

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