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The Fire

Looking out from a makeshift natural cover lean-to, I made sure I hadn’t been followed. Living in the woods in this post-apocalyptic society, it was better to be safe than sorry. When I was satisfied that I was alone, I started … Continue reading

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What have you done?

“What have you done!” Steph exclaimed. “It wasn’t growing, … so I added some more” Mike said weakly. “I warned you that it was very strong, how much did you use?” Steph asked. Holding up the empty bottle, “All of … Continue reading

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In the Ramparts…

In the ramparts of the castle high above the river, the archer looked down at the boats tying up to the bank. Taking careful aim, he stretched his bow taut. “Hold breath, and release” he said to himself. But, there … Continue reading

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The Growth Serum

The sun beat down, scorching the ground. In any other place this would be a disaster, but here… “The lettuce will be ready to pick tomorrow!” Sam exclaimed, “It’s even bigger this year! Wow, this new method really works.” “I’ll … Continue reading

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FFfAW – Dream State.

Looking through the view port, all I see is grey. The light behind the foggy port is slowly fading. Why, I think to myself, have they painted the inside of this submersible in such strange colours. The deep ocean has … Continue reading

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