The Growth Serum

FFfAW 260716 Louise

(c) Louise

The sun beat down, scorching the ground. In any other place this would be a disaster, but here…

“The lettuce will be ready to pick tomorrow!” Sam exclaimed, “It’s even bigger this year! Wow, this new method really works.”

“I’ll fill the tank for another run,” Bob said.

With a creak, the tank lid opened. Bob lifted a brown glass bottle and poured the contents slowly into the tank. The liquid in the tank turned milky as it mixed with that poured from the bottle.

“Ready for bottle number two?” Sam asked.

“Okay,” Bob replied, awaiting the second bottle.

This time he poured it into the tank, with small sloshes. Each time it hit the tank’s contents, a puff of smokey vapour appeared. As the bottle emptied, the vapour dissipated into the air.

“Time to start the pump?” Bob stated, “this drip irrigation method takes hours, but it really does the job.”


About South London Journal

I am a professional writer producing Blog posts, and written articles on a range of topics. I am particularly interested in sustainable and green living, survival and emergency preparedness, and animals, especially pets.
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3 Responses to The Growth Serum

  1. LOL! I’m not so sure I would want to eat that lettuce! However, it could very well be a creative and safe way to magically grow plants! Great story! Welcome to the FFfAW Challenge! We are happy you have joined us.

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  2. Wow, a lot of patience is needed for the drip irrigation, huh? But they sound like they’re ready for the long haul. Good!

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  3. michael1148humphris says:

    This felt like they had a magical formula, sadly I now cannot remember mine.


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