City of Sand

The city was crowded. Mothers and children everywhere. It was noisy and dirty. Strangely, there were very few men. The air was hot, inside was even hotter. Most of the families sat outside, in whatever shade they could find, seeking some solace from the burning sun.

Occasionally, a vehicle would pass. Sometimes the people would chase after the vehicle, waiting to see who, or what was inside. Other times, they would run and hide. Sometimes, they would escape into the surrounding countryside, and wait. maybe for days.

Unfortunately, this was not the only such city, they were numerous, with seemingly more being developed every week. To those who lived in them, they felt alone and forgotten. It was like the rest of the world didn’t exist; it was like the rest of world didn’t care… every now and then some form of tribute, trickled in to the cities.

Periodically, often during the night, there would be a screeching or loud crashing sound in the sky. At these times the residents would flee, hiding wherever they could. Often, when they returned, parts of the city were damaged, sometimes the cities would be filled with strangers. Often violent strangers.

When the strangers visited, often some of the people of the cities would die. Some of the older boys would disappear. Some of the older girls may be injured, or worse. Unfortunately, that was life, and it didn’t seem to change. Year, after year, it continued.

These are cities on the sand.

This is Syria!

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2 Responses to City of Sand

  1. mukul chand says:

    tragedy in an ancient land

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  2. theaustraliansojourner says:

    All true.

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