FFfAW – Dream State.


Photo by Nonnaci

Looking through the view port, all I see is grey. The light behind the foggy port is slowly fading. Why, I think to myself, have they painted the inside of this submersible in such strange colours.

The deep ocean has enough strange creatures, creatures which I am about to see first hand. This is my first dive as a grad student in marine biology. I have been lucky enough to get an internship on a University Research vessel. Someone must have a sense of humour, I muse, They have named the vessel the ‘RS Nemo.’

The descent to the ocean floor takes about 45 minutes in the ‘DSRV Dory.’  As we cruise along ocean floor, I see fish I could only imagine in my dreams. Suddenly the submersible is rocking from side to side.

“Wake up! The movie is over”, my daughter calls. “They found Nemo!”


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I am a professional writer producing Blog posts, and written articles on a range of topics. I am particularly interested in sustainable and green living, survival and emergency preparedness, and animals, especially pets.
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10 Responses to FFfAW – Dream State.

  1. LOL! The father fell asleep and dreamed of his magnificent dive! Cute story! I enjoyed reading this.

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  2. Awesome! The Nemo part cracked me up 😀 🙂


  3. Dahlia says:

    Awesome 😀

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  4. He,he. Someone was sleeping in the cinema 🙂


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