Preparing for a Safer Future

Beginning the journey towards homesteading, self-sufficiencyTransformation Homestead or being prepared for difficult circumstances, is as much a transformation of mind, as it is actually doing something. Generally, this change of mind, follows a period of interest, research and reflection.

Following an event, whether local or at a distance, can prompt someone to develop an interest in being prepared. Weather events like Hurricane Katrina, or the boxing day tsunami. Earthquakes like the Christchurch or Nepal quakes. Terror attacks such as New York, London, Paris or Brussels, can all stimulate someones interest to protect themselves, and their families. There are numerous magazines available, which offer good practical advice. At this point,  the internet can be helpful, and also a hindrance.

Transformation laptopThere is so much information available, that a person with this type of interest, now has to research the topic, to find useful information for their personal situation. It is helpful to find people, who are in a similar situation, or who are practicing the lifestyle you are seeking. Having young children and getting advice from a retired couple living in an RV, for example, may not be relevant.

Transformation RV

Geographical relevancy also needs to be researched, people living in countries where firearms are illegal, can get frustrated by websites which frequently give firearms and weapons advice. Researching how to live successfully, in a different or changed climate, is however, a good idea.

Following all this interest and research, a prospective homesteader, self-sufficiency or off-grid person, or a preparedness professional, needs to reflect on the way forward for them. At what point they want to start, or should start. Transformation file-foldersPreparing folders, and planning the way forward, are very useful steps before racing into action. It is also wise to consider your current position, and your current resources. Following all this reflection, plan your steps forward over a number of years, building up skills and resources, as you prepare for your families future.



About South London Journal

I am a professional writer producing Blog posts, and written articles on a range of topics. I am particularly interested in sustainable and green living, survival and emergency preparedness, and animals, especially pets.
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2 Responses to Preparing for a Safer Future

  1. nannygrannie says:

    Very interesting read!

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  2. webbermd says:

    You are very right. There is so much on the Internet about living off the grid as well as a variety of reasons for doing so and at what level. Some people live without electricity and running water while others live a relatively “normal” life making their own electricity from the sun. We decided to live off the grid to gain some control over the rising costs of electricity, water, taxes, etc. Living off the grid and more sustainable can also be very affordable once the systems are in place.

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