The joy and wonder of childhood

Children are innately playful. They have a sense of joy and wonder as they explore the world around them. Whether boys or girls, whether urban or rural, they can usually find playful children-playing-icesomething new; a sight, a sound, or an object which they had not noticed before.

Their curiosity, will usually overcome most of their fears, and children will sometimes get themselves into situations, which we as adults may find terrifying.Playful Hand_milking_a_cow

As a toddler my younger sister, would sometimes visit the dairy during milking time. (We had three cows which we milked by hand.) She would try to help, by milking the cows from between or behind the cows rear legs, the prime kicking location, but she was never ever kicked, or had anything fall from above. She was also never fearful.

As a child, between the ages of about 5 and 12, I would playful child in treeoften find myself perched on high branches in trees. I never considered the consequences of falling, and usually didn’t fall. But I jumped out of some trees, that I probably shouldn’t have.

As a children, whilst staying at the Australian seaside, we would run bare foot down black sand paths to get to the beach. These paths in summer would be too hot to stand still on, so we had to keep moving. Unfortunately, the local snakes LOVED the warmth from the black sand. As we ran down these paths, we often found snakes curled up on the path in front of us.

Playful King_Island_Tiger_Snake

Not the actual snakes – representation only.

Sensible ?? adults, would try to find a way around on other paths, but us playful children, kids, teens, we would just leap into the air and sail over the top. The sea sure felt nice afterwards.

What happens as we grow older? Why do we lose our wonder, curiosity, and playfulness? The world is still a place of wonder, and new sights, sounds, and objects are still all around us. Maybe as adults, we should try and be a little child-like every now and then!

playful girl-awe

Playful Registered & Protected  SEZZ-ZJGA-PVHD-JR6L


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7 Responses to The joy and wonder of childhood

  1. carolandsite says:

    Yes, everyone should try to be a kid sometimes. 🙂

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  2. Mr.Brb_blog says:

    Playful mind indeed, apt pictures. Worth the read!

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  3. You had a wonderful childhood 🙂

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