Orderly or Spontaneous

In our modern world, we are constantly trying to be ordered. We use organisers, calendars, smart phones and computers to maintain our nine to five lives. It permeates all the other areas of our day to day lives. This orderliness even often extends to our gardens.

Orderly suburban house

During the Stuart period of English history, formal gardens were in vogue. They were highly influenced by the French, using wide avenues and having rectangular parterres flanking the avenue. The use of low, rigidly formal hedges, was also quite popular. House gardens developed during prior Tudor period, followed the Italian garden style.

Even farm fields are now reasonably regular and orderly, as can be seen when flying over the countryside.

Orderly farm fields

In nature, things are less formal. Plants of many varieties, grow wherever they land. Plants intertwine in amongst each other, with a growing sense of randomness.

As humans, are we trying to hard to be orderly? Should life be more random or spontaneous?

Orderly wild garden




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