Storing grain for a disaster


The storing of grain in the event of a disaster, either natural, financial or of the terrorist variety, is very useful. There are a number of grain varieties which can be stored for extended periods of time, if the conditions are right.

Grains like corn, wheat, oats, rye, rice and amaranth are able to be stored for future use. Grains should bHeritage graine stored in cool to cold, dry conditions, and should be in an air-tight container. Those who are very prepared, store their grains in nitrogen or carbon dioxide topped containers.Survival stores This excludes oxygen, which can lead to food oxidisation and spoilage.

Buying and storing, heritage varieties of these grains, allows crops to be  replenished naturally by planting and harvesting new seeds. Rice and oat varieties can be eaten following cooking. Wheat and corn can be ground, making flour, which can then be used to produce bread.Baked bread All of these can be cooked over a camp fire, and the breads can be prepared on a hot stone, if necessary.

Nutritionally, by eating whole grains, all the benefits of the grain can be consumed. At least three, one ounce or 16 grams servings should be eaten daily, according to the Minnesota Department of Health.



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2 Responses to Storing grain for a disaster

  1. Dehan Taylor says:

    Very useful information. I didn’t know that bread could be prepared on a hot stone. I know about ovens. Oh well, the older I get the more I learn. Thank you.


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