Tiny Houses – an introduction

The modern Tiny House movement is growing and spreading around the world, with these dwellings found in North America, Europe and Australasia. The basic design of the Tiny House is a habitable structure, ranging in size from 65Tiny house on the road to 400 square feet (6 to 37 square meters). They are often located on a mobile chassis, to enable them to be towed between locations.

These houses are designed to meet the needs and desires of the owners, often designed and built by them. As such, they are infinitely adaptable, with both single level and lofted varieties. Some come with no plumbing, others are fully fitted with all modern kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

A lot of these dwellings are designed to provide an off-grid green living solution, for those with an environmental consciousness. Off-grid versions can be fitted with solar panels, wind turbines, a water collection system and a composting toilet. Others require that they be connected to mains electric, water and sewerage. Most also come with a bottled gas stove, and sometimes a small gas heater.

As a low budget fTiny house with porchorm of dwelling they are ideal for students, young couples, and for those who no longer need a lot a space. Although the space is limited there is ample opportunity to personalize a tiny house both during its design, build and with the décor. With porches at the end, to roof top decks, even a spa; the only limitation is the imagination of a prospective owner.Tiny house with a view cropped

These mobile dwelling are frequently used by people whose job takes them on road, as they are able to take their home with them. They are also used by freelance workers who work in a remote online capacity, who can work anywhere they choose. For students, it provides accommodation whilst they are at university, and also allows them to get on the property ladder, virtually debt free.

Those tiny houses which are based on a mobile chassis, need to comply with the road regulations of the country in which they are based.

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